Shop Offers: Bubbly Jubbly!

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    Drinking lemonade is easy, but being lemonade needs a little more pizazz! Treat yourself to an appearance that’s so cool, it’s refreshing!

    For a short time only, between 10th July (9 AM) and 31st July (9 AM CEST), the following items are on offer:

    Large Lemonade Transformation Candy Packet

    • 11x Lemonade Transformation Candy Packet

    Large Orangeade Transformation Candy Packet

    • 11x Orangeade Transformation Candy Packet


    Each candy transforms you into a lemonade/orangeade with the following buffs for 60 minutes:

    • Brave Lemonade/Orangeade: physical attack +2, accuracy 48, movement speed +3%, attack speed +3%
    • Wise Lemonade/Orangeade: magic boost +10, magical accuracy +48, movement speed +3%, casting speed +3%
    • Fancy Lemonade/Orangeade: magic boost +10, magical accuracy +48, movement speed +3%, attack speed +3%

    These Transformation Candy Packets are also available separately, but they are cheaper when purchased as a set. The items will be removed from the shop once the offer ends.