Classic Update 2.8 Dungeon Deep Dive

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    In update 2.8, join your friends and venture into Phaestos’ Disc to test your mettle in battle against Tiamat’s deadliest weapon! Keep reading to learn about what to expect in the new dungeon, what treasures lie waiting, and what to look out for.

    A Mad Scientist’s Brainchild: Phaestos’ Disc

    From level 58, you can join 1 to 5 allies and venture deep into the Malek Mine to the mysterious Disc, and face the deadly weapon constructed at Tiamat’s behest by the mad scientist Radan.

    Step up to the challenge once per week and use the chance to grab Phaestos’ Wings, new Prismatic weapons, the Quick Glide skill book and more treasures! (The dungeon resets every Wednesday at 9 AM.)




    Radan, once himself a Daeva, defected from the Asmodians when Tiamat started her campaign of kidnappings, and has served as her right-hand man ever since. Harnessing the powers of thunder and lightning, he transformed many Daevas into Thunderstream legionaries who served the Balaur’s orders. That was until some of those legionaries and Tiamat’s other experimental guinea pigs managed to escape from her clutches. At that time, the Balaur Lord had already gathered Siel’s Power throughout Atreia, and now ordered Radan to infiltrate Beluslan. His knowledge of the area from his many years as a Daeva served him well.

    Radan continued his research into the mysterious substance Auridion, that glittering material which elicited traces of Siel’s work. For its immense potential, the Auridion was to be extracted by Tiamat’s legion.

    Nevertheless, given its origins in Siel’s Power, the material proved difficult to control and Radan was incapable of harnessing the Auridion to his ends. Driven by impatience, and the knowledge that Tiamat would not tolerate failure, he resorted to desperate means. In the depths of the ruins of Beluslan, he uncovered hidden technologies which he attempted to use to exploit the Auridion and construct a powerful weapon.

    Beluslan suffered under the effects of his experiments, becoming twisted through the distortion of space-time. Unperturbed, Radan continued his research in Phaestos’ Disc, in the depths of the Malek Mine.

    Now that Tiamat has access to a power that neither Daeva nor Balaur ever thought possible of mastering, her hegemony over Apheta Beluslan and the whole of Atreia is in the making.

    Where Is Phaestos’ Disc?

    Phaestos’ Disc can be entered from the interior of the Malek Mine in the heart of Apheta Beluslan. You’ll have to fight your way past numerous Lepharists to reach it, and also watch out for attack from the enemy faction.


    The Instance

    Before you can face Tiamat’s chief scientist, you’ll need to cut a path through to him. Immediately after crossing through the portal in the depths of the Malek Mine, you’ll find yourself in an intimidating entrance hall. Two of Tiamat’s minions will be waiting to greet you. Quickly shed them of their mortal coils and proceed into the ruins!

    At the end of the corridor you’ll meet your first serious opponent: Phaestos’ Gatekeeper. In order to prevent anyone sneaking past without permission, he will drag enemies towards him, defending this entrance to the deepest part of the ruins with his life.

    Once he has been slain, you and your companions may be able to acquire one of the first pages of a long-forgotten skill book, before finally getting to face Radan’s deadly construction. Phaestos stands before you as testament to what the twisted mind of a ruthless scientist can beget!

    As you will quickly discover, this mechanical device has an entire arsenal of skills at its disposal, capable of unleashing massive destruction to even the most well-trained squad. Watch out in particular for his ability to steal your vision – if not quickly cleansed, its effect can be fatal! As if that weren’t enough to make even the bravest Daeva’s wings quiver, Phaestos can summon further henchmen to his aid. More of Radan’s volatile contraptions, as well as the guards stationed in the ruins by Tiamat, will answer his call.

    When the dust finally settles on this epic clash and Phaestos lies ruined at your feet, you and your companions can revel in the illustrious bounty. Look forward to the Quick Glide skill book, a Forgotten Skill Book Page Bundle, plus the brand-new Prismatic weapons and accessories, or the grand prize of Phaestos’ Wings themselves! And beyond those worldly gifts, of course, the immense satisfaction of having foiled Tiamat’s sinister plans once again...


    Tips and Tricks

    Allowing Phaestos to hit you with Siel’s Curse is a less than pleasant experience. Your vision will be heavily impaired and the effect lasts a long time! But who knows, maybe you’ll find the light at the end of the tunnel and dispel the darkness...