Shop Offer: Siel’s Energy and More!

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    Kickstart your adventures with Siel’s Energy, bundled together with other great extras! Check out the very special offer in the shop between 12th June (9 AM CEST) and 3rd July (9 AM CEST):

    Siel’s Platinum Tin Chest

    The chest contains the following items:

    • Siel’s Energy (90 days): Siel’s Energy fills your veins and grants you unlimited access to all game contents.
    • 3x Major Ancient Crown: An Ancient Crown, which emanates divine energy. Can be exchanged for Abyss Points from level 30 onwards.
    • 5x Platinum Medal: Can be exchanged for valuable items together with Abyss Points.
    • Tin Narky Egg (90 days): The inventory pet accompanies you on your travels and can carry up to 22 items for you.

    The item will be removed from the shop once the offer ends.