Deleted final rewards from Tia event (Potions)

  • [Rune] Ultimate Enchantment Potion Selection Box was deleted from inventory with maintense. I understand it was mentioned it will be deleted 3 months ago, but me and others didn't read/remember and assumed since is not an event item, and it is a FINAL REWARD item that can be used outside of event, would be intact when event ends. Plus you didn't even bother to mention that specific detail with yesterday's maintense announcement. You just generalised it that you will delete the "event items". A box with transform potion isnt an "Event item"

    I don't understand how you put transformation potions item in same level with Tia coins / Tia keys / Tia ascension jams, so you will end up deleting it. All those 3 were usable only inside tia map, ant not on the outside, like transform potions are.

    Since years now you had as an unwritten rule that when an event ends, the event items are the one that are always been deleted, and not the final rewards.

    Is there anything can be done about that at this point? Like restoring the [Rune] Ultimate Enchantment Potion Selection Box ?

    Drestam Celes Fossilo

    Legend of the Kaisinel Temple