Is there any creator program exist?

  • Hi community,

    i am a veteran player, who enjoyed playing aion for almost 5-6 years in the past. Now, i want to come back and i also want to bring some of my old pals together.

    So, this is 2024 and we want also stream as well as participate the event "content creator programme". I assume my friends need to enter some kind of code/key that the game can identify,so i can win prizes.

    The question is, where can i find any useful information about the process and how can i generate a key/code to give my premades? Because, i could not find any...

    Thanks in advance, nyerk!

  • Hi,

    to enter the Content Creator Program, you need to apply to the Forgemasters Program (Gamesforges Content Creator plattform)

    There you´ll find all available campaignes from all Gameforge games and there you can also apply for Aion Classic Campaignes