Invisible structures, missing bridges, machutant priory broken

  • So as the title says

    In Morheim

    • Slag Bulwark near the Fire Temple (see image) where the 3 keys quest that entire building and island invisible enemies are floating we cant stand on it just perma fall.
    • Bridges by the Morheim observatory into the Mist Mane Villages Canyons just not there, like my friend was telling me to cross yet when i did i fell immediately and i was looking on his screen and all he saw was me running and teleporting back the entire time.

    In Altgard

    • the mountain holding the abyss gate likewise completely invisible, only see is the glow from the gate


    • Machutant Priory
      • NPC gives load error when trying to talk (see image)
      • Statue fails to load
      • Gate to Gelkmaros Fails to load

    These are but a few bugs ive encountered and there's nothing online that can solve it

    According to the log files, a bunch of .pak files are unreadable yet you'd think that a total reinstall would solve that: nope or a repair would do the same: nope

    What I have done to solve this issue

    • Deleted the files Data, L10n, Bin32, bin64, the entire game folder = Nothing same issue
    • Repair button on client = Nothing same issue
    • Reinstall the game = nothing same issue
    • Reinstall the client = nothing same issue
    • Anti virus = nothing because its not blocking anything, the aion designation is all trusted = Nothing same issue
    • PC restart = I close my pc down every evening so again = Nothing same issue
    • Router = got over 80gb download = Nothing same issue
    • Support tickets = Nothing same issue, because i keep getting the same response every time

    This is getting beyond unfun because its breaking key gameplay and there's only so much going around and ignoring the issue.

    I'm more then happy to link up with a Dev and literally show them the issues.