Classic Update 2.7 Dungeon Deep Dive

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    Update 2.7 will test you and your allies’ skills to the limit with two epic new challenges. Read on to find out what you’ll need to prepare for in Sunken Telos and The Red Throne.

    Tiamat’s Secrets: Sunken Telos

    Between levels 51 and 55, you can set out for Telos together with up to five allies and discover the mysterious powers Tiamat once used to defeat Apsu. Step up to the challenge and nab powerful new stigmas (level 55) exclusive to this instance, along with a host of other treasures, once every week (resetting at Wednesday, 9 AM). 213e402d-7ae7-4292-bb95-6aa7c8211680GF_AIONClassic_TNT_SunkenTelos_1.jpg


    Tiamat fiercely guards the secret of exactly how she brought Apsu down. So it was a rather sharp thorn in the Balaur Lord’s side when she found out that the mysterious place created by Siel’s Relic as an illusion had not, in fact, disappeared in the absence of the relic, as was thought to be the case. Tiamat immediately dispatched her Balaur legions to destroy Telos. In the depths of the Abyss, Moreth, Chronicle of Time, revealed a powerful artefact imbued with Tiamat’s and Siel’s powers. The knowledge hidden in this living book provided vital clues on the continued existence of Telos, and the strongest and most courageous Daevas are now on their way to find out more…

    Where Is Sunken Telos?

    Sunken Telos can be accessed via an Abyss Rift in the north of Silentera Canyon, at Hora Agora. The same rift also leads to the Red Throne. 3470641d-7ebb-487e-8c28-9a6790f11a73GF_AIONClassic_TNT_SunkenTelos_17.jpg

    The Instance

    If you want to try your hand at the challenges in Telos, then you’ll find yourself in the Abyss for the time being. From there, a windstream will give you an initial overview of the mysterious new area before you land on the western Telos shores. Fight your way along the beach, and you and your allies will already be able to spot the Samael Garrison in the distance. This outpost belonging to Tiamat’s troops is surrounded by a protective shield that you’ll need to deactivate before you can get inside. The protective shield is sustained by Vasharti commanders, who you and your allies must find and eliminate. They are in the area around the garrison, and at least three of them need to be taken out of action before you can break through the protective shield. The Vasharti Shadowmaster and Vasharti Blade Commander keep themselves well hidden and have a penchant for ambush-style attacks, so be careful! Once the shield is down, you and your group can brave your first challenge in the garrison: Minion Samael is lying in wait for you with her lethal chainblades. As her name suggests, Samael is under Tiamat’s control and should serve as a reminder for every avenger of their own sad fate. Once you’ve defeated Samael, five Garrison Treasure Chests containing Ancient Relics, medals and more await you in reward! Now follow Samael’s Iron Barrier to the Southern Drana Colony. From here on, even stronger elite units from Tiamat’s legion will stand in your way, so be on your guard and stick together! A striking lake with red crystals lies before you, and your next boss enemy lurks in its waters: The Drana Polluter is wreaking havoc and contaminating Telos with Drana energy. Daevas who courageously take on this unnatural monstrosity and successfully defeat it will be rewarded with ten Settlement Treasure Chests brimming with Ancient Relics, medals and other valuable items! Now cross the Northern Drana Colony with your allies to get to the Anuhart Landing Site. Adjutant Anuhart is waiting for you personally, and he’s not too happy about the trail of destruction you’ve cut through his garrison. Tiamat’s sinister experiments have granted her new powers, and as if that wasn’t intimidating enough already, another familiar face has come to greet you in battle: Samael might have been freed from Tiamat’s influence when you defeated her, but the Daeva is confused and attacks you in a blind range! Defeat both of them, and you can look forward to six Adjutant’s Treasure Chests, containing not only Samael’s Earrings, but also Dragon Deity General’s equipment and the Dragon Flame, new stigmas for level 55, available here exclusively, and plenty more rewards besides. All that remains now is to touch the Iron Dragon’s Tooth and you will have successfully completed Sunken Telos, but the next challenge already beckons…

    Tips and Tricks

    Just because the two Vasharti commanders are hiding, doesn’t mean they’re impossible to find! Sorcerers, Assassins and Rangers have special class skills for finding hidden targets, and can alert their group members if they discover either of the two. If you’ve got a Revenant in your group, you’ll only need to kill two of the four commanders, and some of the Thunderstream Legion members will also disappear!

    The Balaur Lord’s Inner Sanctum: The Red Throne

    From level 55, you and up to five other Daevas can get up close and personal, so to speak, with the powerful Balaur Lord Tiamat herself. The instance can be entered once per week and resets weekly on Wednesdays at 9 AM. Besides various other valuable treasures, some powerful new stigmas (level 55) are also in store for you, exclusive to this instance! {Add a general screenshot of the dungeon here, like an overview}


    In the heart of Telos lies a place closely interwoven with Balaur Lord Tiamat’s past: The Red Throne. This is where she hides her memories of how she betrayed Apsu and her rise to power, split off from herself and banished into an illusory spirit form. Confront her image and expose her secrets!

    Where to Find the Red Throne?

    You can reach the Red Throne via an Abyss Rift in the north of Silentera Canyon, at Hora Agora. It’s the same rift used to access Sunken Telos.


    The Instance

    As soon as you and your allies have entered the instance, you’ll find yourselves back in front of the same Iron Dragon’s Tooth you encountered in Sunken Telos. Destroy it and let the windstream carry you straight to the Red Throne! You now stand face to face with the Balaur Lord’s image, and all the Dragon Lord’s dark memories and rage come down on you like a ton of bricks – a battle to the death awaits you! But those powerful Daevas who manage to defeat Tiamat’s illusory form will be rewarded with some coveted riches: New stigmas (level 55) exclusive to this instance are yours for the taking, as well as the Young Balaur Lord’s Wings.


    Tips and Tricks

    Make sure you prepare for the impending fight in the instance start zone! Tiamat delivers a particularly harsh welcome to any uninvited visitors, and an angry dragon lord is not someone you want to go toe to toe with unless you’ve got your blessings, meal buffs etc. ready. So take the opportunity to get everyone ready in the starting area before you go any further. Moreover, you might want to bear in mind that the Balaur ruler’s patience with wannabe usurpers to her throne is limited. After five failed attempts to beat her, Tiamat will have had enough and she’ll take off into the air and leave her throne. But not without first teaching any hapless adventurers a painful lesson… Tiamat can attack Daevas behind her with her tail, so don’t kid yourself that you’re safe just because she’s turned around; watch out for her attacks! The Balaur Lord can also summon allies to fight alongside her. Defeat them to stop them from outnumbering and eventually overpowering you!