Celentine’s Around the Corner!

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    Feed your event pet and receive exclusive rewards!

    All of Atreia is abuzz with delight for the festivities surrounding the upcoming Celentine Day! The cities of Sanctum and Pandaemonium are decked out in all their glory, while Daevas from far and wide look forward to this dreamy mix of Valentine’s Day and Lunar New Year.

    Naturally, the Daevas’ little friends shouldn’t be forgotten in all this! That’s why this year, once again, you will be accompanied by the cute Decupid who will give you great rewards for your loving care. Exchange them to pick up the [Event] Divine Perfection Wardrobe, [Event] ‘Stomach Butterflies’ Wings and many other great rewards!

    Plus you can take part in new surveys to pick up tons of handy items. Don’t forget to collect them during the event and enjoy the celebrations!


    Running: 7th February to 28th February

    It’s easy to join in the Celentine Day festivities:

    • Complete Celentine quests and earn yourself a new costume and wings.
    • Feed your Celentine pet and earn rewards for it.
    • Pick up free buffs in the capital cities.


    The Celentine Quests

    In Sanctum and Pandaemonium you can find the event NPC Celentina who has two quests in store for you:

    One quest requires you to bring 30 Pieces of Silk to Celentina, for which you can be rewarded with the delightful Divine Perfection Wardrobe and the cute ‘Stomach Butterflies’ Wings!

    The ‘Happy Celentine’ quest gives you a Decupid Egg (21 days) for the pet who will accompany you during the festivities.

    Celentine Day Pet

    Feed Your Little Friend You can hatch your Decupid Egg at the Pet Minder. It then stays by your side for 21 days.

    When you’re hunting for monsters, you can collect the event items Cute Cacao and Tteok Powder to feed your Decupid. When Decupid is full (after 90 to 110 portions of food), then it will reward you for your efforts with Choco Tteok, which you can find more rewards inside, including the Pieces of Silk which Celentina is searching for!

    Once Decupid is full, he won’t accept any more food. Fortunately, Decupids are very active little creatures, and it’ll only take a couple of hours for him to burn off all those calories and be hungry once more!

    Where to Find Food

    • Pet food can be obtained from monsters in all territories and instances.
    • Note that monsters that normally don’t drop items also won’t drop any pet food. Monsters with a big level disparity to yours will have a lower chance to drop food. If the level difference is too great, the monsters won’t drop any food at all.
    • If you’re playing with others and you get food by defeating several monsters, you’ll get the loot if yours was the biggest contribution to the victory.
    • If you’re playing in a group or alliance, each player receives the food according to the loot settings.

    Powerful Buffs

    In honour of the celebrations for Celentine, you can pick up some free buffs in Sanctum and Pandaemonium! Head to your capital to meet the Generous Heart event NPC, who can be found near the heart-shaped tree on the main square. Here you’ll receive the Celentine’s Blessing buff. It grants you:

    • +300 HP and MP
    • +10 Evasion
    • +14 Resist Magic
    • +1% Movement Speed

    Amazing Rewards

    Running: 31st January to 28th February

    Pick up the following items via the surveys for free:

    First Survey: 31st January to 7th February

    • 5x [Event] Colourful Transformation Candy Box
    • 3x [Event] Invigorating Consumable Bundle
    • 3x [Event] Entry Scroll for the Tiarkh Testing Lab
    • 3x [Event] Entry Scroll for the Chantra Dredgion
    • 10x [Event] Chocolate Heart

    Second Survey: 7th February to 14th February

    • 15x [Event] Rare Manastone Bag (Level 60)
    • [Event] L90 Enchantment Stone
    • 2x [Event] L85 Enchantment Stone
    • 3x [Event] L80 Enchantment Stone
    • 3x [Event] Invigorating Consumable Bundle
    • 50x [Event] Cute Cacao

    Third Survey: 14th February to 21st February

    • 3x [Event] Major Ancient Crown Chest (3 pieces)
    • [Event] Elite Tribunus’s Shoulder/Hand/Foot Armour Selection Box
    • 3x [Event] Invigorating Consumable Bundle
    • 50x [Event] Cute Cacao

    Fourth Survey: 21st February to 28th February

    • 30x [Event] Platinum Medal Bundle
    • 3x [Event] Major Ancient Crown Chest (3 pieces)
    • 10x [Event] Rare Manastone Bag (Level 60)
    • 2x [Event] L90 Enchantment Stone
    • 3x [Event] Invigorating Consumable Bundle
    • 100x [Event] Cute Cacao

    Please note: The items issued can only be collected once per account, and only during the event. They can be neither traded nor sold. They can also only be used by the character who collects them.

    You can find an overview of all possible rewards for Celentine Day in our list of rewards.


    The [Event] Cute Cacao, [Event] Tteok Powder, [Event] Choco Tteok and [Event] Piece of Silk items will be removed from the game after the event is over.