The assassin's runes don't work

  • This is the worst server I've ever had to play on assassin. Runes are constantly going into resist, and it's okay if they were characters sharpened in that very resist, so no ordinary glads, sorcs, sm and so on. So you're suggesting me to have ma without having damage then? Or that leaves set swap, which doesn't always work as it should, and often just doesn't put the set back on attack. Further geodata on the server is just awful, ambush often does not teleport behind or simply throws back. Play on this server on assassin do not advise, worse than here I have not seen anywhere, although I play more than 10 years.

  • *checks runes*


    Works fine.

    I'm talking about a normal assassin in leather. You're throwing in a full cloth assassin with ma stats and the same magic jewelry. If you're doing it to show how you kill the enemy, then good for you, but the point of this thread is different.

  • I am deliberately ignoring the point of the thread to piss you off.

    Switch to MA. It's not hard.

    No, it's not bugged, it has a 1 sec cooldown.