Website & Event

  • Hi everyone,

    I wanted to talk about the aion """website""". There is absolutely nothing on it, no visual preparation, no information, no store ... nothing. just compare the Nc aion and the Gameforge Aion ... 2 different world. You can't even call it a website, it looks more like a Launcher of all gameforge games.

    And I don't even talk about Gameforge Events when they are, sorry to say it, absolute garbage. Look at the Tiger thing, the only good thing to get is a Title and this title cost 30€.

    Things have to change for the good of Aion's future

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  • We used to have a proper website with login and account management features, news, rankings, a web shop and all sorts of stuff.

    They removed it and news only get posted via the forum and distributed via Discord and the launcher now.

    The shop is only accessible ingame.

    We also used to have a proper login system.

    Gameforge decided to downgrade all of this, for no apparent reason. I would speculate that it's easier to maintain and costs less money, but those costs are negligible.

  • Well, Gameforge is known for saving money at the expense of service quality.

    It's not exactly a new thing, unfortunately.