Tower Of Challange

  • If you socket only Attack 21 would also be an additional 1k Atk

  • I don't need powerbook. I watch the KR streams. I've seen a geared glad or painter have like 19k~19.5k attack.

    default stats different ~1500 attack phys/mage

    optional stats +20% more

    and new mega insane bla bla red manastones

    note: and ofc different classes has different base dmg

  • Most people in our current patch are in 14k+ range, I think it's normal. Believe me or not, 18-19k in 7.0 on different classes is posible. I rarely see a sorc stream but I see other magic classes like gunner with 18k+. Fine, don't believe me, it's not this discussion anyway, but so is that video from 7.0.

    edit: this was addressed to Ehnel2

    And correction, 18k-19.5k, instead of 19-19.5k

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  • The manastones are decently better as well tho.... And 1400 is not exactly a small amount (Not to mention the accu/maccu boosts) And skill boosts and the DMG add from the tranfo title. Currently that kind of run is impossible.

  • Yea, different classes with different base attack but in the end all are around the same range, around 18k-19.5k from what I see, and don't matter much if it's magic or phys.

    A pic taken just a few minutes ago from one the active streams right now, from templar:

    These are usually the stats I see on those streams in 7.0. And a glad has more attack and more crit than a templar but right now I don't see any glad streaming. Anyway, what would have been the point of me lying about it?

    And all this offtopic just to prove that the stats these guys have are insane compared with us.

    The funny part is, the PvE in 7.0 is quite hard and a lot of these geared people fail even now.

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  • Show me your painter pls.

  • I think that is really low stats even for 6.x (15.4k attack, 13.4k acc, 4.5k crit).

    I'll wait until some full geared ones will stream, because I saw geared painter with 18k~18.5k.

    Until then, I'll give you one that is not full geared and still missing gear:

    edit: I just noticed you have a half server KR/RU, probably not even official one?

    That guy Chovegeta with the tower video is playing in KR not RU and has very good stats.

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  • I think that is really low stats even for 6.x

    13.8 self full ultimate without BF

    14.5k solo but not ranger. I still have a few pieces legendary. No manastones.

    I still think that video entitled "painter best stats" doesn't reflect the reality in KR. You would think that KR players socketed attack all the way but still missing lots of attack, and look at their crit, 6.3~6.7k vs 4.5k in the RU video. Even accuracy is low not just the other 2 stats. There is some big discrepancy between what I see on KR and that RU video. In Wassermelone's video I see 18.3k attack but also big amount of crit. I don't know...

    Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.