Spirit's stat and servant evocation

  • The debate I am opening is about the spirit. As you all know, spirit damage is based on magic boost, at least as far as skills are concerned, but we also know that all spirits have a zero base value of this stat and that the only way to increase this value is through buffs that can be put on the spirit.

    Some buffs on the spirit are not always available, such as armor of light/darkness and so most of the time the spirit does little damage without spirit armor or sympathetic mind. This causes the spirit branch to not be given much consideration. Not only that, the physical and magical accuracy values without armor spirit are also low compared to the resistances and block and parry values that characters can reach. I propose a revision of the spirit and related skills.

    Changes that make it useful to have this spirit. Another revision I propose is related to the servants that the spiritmaster can summon. These servants it summons are based on physical accuracy, and most of the time their damage is completely reduced since they only block, parry, or evade. Review these skills, maybe make their damage based on the magical accuracy of the character and insert a damage, so at least indicatively you can adjust.

  • For spirit damage, possible ideas, such as the spirit wrath of position skill that boosts the spirit, can be modified in this way. The duration is doubled, the values provided by the skill are doubled, and beyond that an increase in magic accuracy and physical accuracy of 500 is provided. The CD increased from 2 to 5 minutes. So a powerful buff just for the spirit.

    Not only that, as far as I'm concerned, sympathetic mind is useful up to a point. Since the character is based on the spirit, in fact master of spirits, this buff can be modified. So there wasn't a need to add certain skills. In addition, there is already a skill that provides you with any magical accuracy values with some spirits on the player, namely spirit wall of protection.

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