Boost Event: The Daeva Boost

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    Enjoy Benefits When Fusing Contracts and Enchanting Items!

    Strengthen your hero and benefit from increased enchantment chances for Daevanion skills, runes and Odians in this event. Plus, fusing 3 or more Legendary or Ancient Transformation Contracts won’t result in your contract receiving a lower level!

    Running: 15th November (9:00 AM) to 29th November (9:00 AM CET)

    Daevanion Skills

    The enchantment chances for Daevanion skills are slightly increased (from 20% to 30%) when you use different skill books to enchant the skills.

    Runes and Odians

    During the boost event, the chance for enchanting runes and Odians to level 5 is slightly increased.


    If you combine three or more Legendary or Ancient Transformation Contracts during the event, the fusion can’t fail. The transformation can’t revert to a lower level, and you’re guaranteed at least a contract of the level Legendary or Ancient.

    When fusing two Legendary or Ancient Transformation Contracts, the chance of it losing a level is reduced during the event.