• IN team fixed Legion we are on our 6th Besh without any loot Stuff or armor.

    A total of 70 vorpal essence.

    In 70 runs, only the cleric is full stuff.

    In weapon 70 down there was only the baton and the orb besh.

    None are full stuff.

    More than 6 besh without any loot. I'd like to know why gameforge applies such a ridiculous loot rate? Is it to disappoint players?

    I'm speaking directly to gameforge. Don't be surprised if people pay chinese kinah to be able to be full stuff if you don't increase the loot rate. I don't see the point.

    When you enter the instance, you already know that there will be almost no weapons.

  • In some point i agree.

    the low Droprate has up and downs.

    -If you increase the Drop Rate everyone will be fully geared in 2 weeks

    -Its currently the only decent way to farm kinah

    -People get quickly Bored

    But on the Weapon drop it should be increased, imagine i farmed 5 Months for Bakarma Pole.

    for Armor i guess its fine cause people will be bored

    They should focus on getting more Manastones thats the real issue even if you got the gear you cant even socket it

  • You dont need to increase drop chance, but ppl also dont wanna play more if they arent rewarded. It could be quest with one armor piece reward for every 20 runs (player's choice) and weap for 50 runs, for example. But GameForge wont do anything. Thats why I dont understand ppl like Leulana who intercedes for them. Nothing for players, just direct blind following Korean NCSoft without considering real situation.

    Mag resist still more problem indeed. Right now its imbalance between plates and mages. In future updates it was partly fixes with implementation of Magic supression, better cloth pvp sets for Magic resist socketing (55 cloth arena with pvp def or 70 world drop cloth with pvp def in 5.*), and better stigmas (mag sup stigma for glads, stubborn spirit stance that gives MR+root resist - for temps). Now even Mag resist stones are incredible expensive and almost not available for plates who need atk/crit set and acc set at first.

  • I think it was in 2.5, that a similar system like in DP was added to Besch.

    So you can get lucky and craft your weapon

  • I think it was in 2.5, that a similar system like in DP was added to Besch.

    So you can get lucky and craft your weapon

    But thats again an expensive RNG craft - like taha.
    All that stupid RNG is really annoying - koreans must be absolut convinced gamblers with all that RNG stuff in every korean mmorpg (imo the top reason they all fail in the western markets)

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    1. Soy clérigo y compito con Chnater con el conjunto, lo he hecho muchas veces y siempre o no bajan o pierdo el rollo, solo tengo una pieza del conjunto, los pantalones, y encima de eso lo que más me da rabia es que encima no te cogen porque dicen que no estás equipado… ¿esperan que compre el set? Casi no tengo idea de lo caro que es mantener un clérigo, creo que están matando el juego y no tienen la experiencia de los que jugamos desde el 2009 y solo quieren que vayas casi al set completo para hacer una carrera de venta media