Urgent Call for Greater Transparency and Action on Persistent Botting Issue

  • Hello Fellow Aion Players and Respected Game Masters,

    I'd like to start by acknowledging the commitment and passion the Game Masters and the game management team pour into Aion Classic. It's evident from various initiatives, like the bot reporting system, that there's a sincere intention to preserve the quality and integrity of our game.

    However, many among our community, myself included, feel a certain disconnect due to a lack of clear communication regarding the bot situation. We genuinely believe that transparent and direct communication can not only alleviate many concerns but also strengthen the bond between players and the game team.

    I personnaly recently had an encounter with game support regarding the rampant bot issue that all of us are witnessing. While I appreciate the promptness of their response, the content left me, and perhaps many others who received similar replies, feeling more disconnected than before.

    Here's the response I received:


    Thank you for reporting the behavior of these players, we will be vigilant, and proceed with further investigations.

    However, we cannot communicate on the progress of the investigation nor on the actions taken towards the reported players in accordance with our procedures.

    Please do not hesitate to contact us again in the event of a similar situation or should you require any further information.

    I understand the need for privacy and discretion in certain matters, but such blanket lack of transparency is, frankly, unacceptable. When we, as a community, do our part in identifying and reporting disruptive players, we naturally expect some reassurance that our concerns are being effectively addressed.

    Why this Approach is Counterproductive:

    1. Trust Issues: The inability to even acknowledge actions taken against reported bots does little to instill confidence. It inadvertently fosters a climate of suspicion, where some players might even theorize that the game management team is turning a blind eye to, or worse, in league with cheaters.
    2. Decreased Reporting: Feeling that our reports vanish into an abyss without any discernible outcomes might deter players from reporting in the first place.
    3. Perceived Inaction: While we genuinely hope and believe the team is addressing the reports, the silence can be easily misconstrued as inaction or indifference.

    Moving Forward:

    We're not asking for detailed reports on every action taken, but a periodic summary or some form of acknowledgment would go a long way. Even something as simple as "X number of reported accounts were reviewed this month, and necessary actions were taken" can be profoundly reassuring.

    Our Request for Open Dialogue:

    There's no doubt that addressing the botting issue is complex. However, the community seeks a clearer understanding of:

    • What measures have been put in place so far?
    • What challenges have been encountered?
    • What can we expect in the near future regarding anti-botting measures?

    We would greatly appreciate it if a Game Master could respond to these queries. A response won't merely provide answers but will also send a powerful message about the game team's commitment to transparency and dialogue.

    This community is passionate and deeply invested in the game's well-being. We're eager to cooperate, provide feedback, and be a part of the solution. Through collaborative initiatives, the game team and the community can jointly develop anti-botting campaigns, promoting a unified front against this challenge.

    In conclusion, while we understand the complexities behind managing an MMORPG like Aion EU, the community's trust is paramount. The current approach to bot reporting doesn't bolster this trust. A slight shift towards more transparent communication could have a significant positive impact on player morale and confidence in the management team. Our shared love for Aion Classic is the thread that binds us all. We humbly request the Game Masters and the game management team to engage in this dialogue, shedding light on the bot situation. Let's come together, fortify our bond, and ensure the game's vibrancy for years to come.

    Hoping for a renewed approach and understanding!

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  • Quote from Original

    Thank you for reporting the behavior of these players, we will be vigilant, and proceed with further investigations.

    However, we cannot communicate on the progress of the investigation nor on the actions taken towards the reported players in accordance with our procedures.

    Please do not hesitate to contact us again in the event of a similar situation or should you require any further information.

    Quote from Translated

    Thank you for wasting your time reporting players who don't care about the TOS. But it's oki, because we don't care about our TOS either. We will be vigilant as our imaginery GMs will proceed with further investigations.

    However, we cannot ban these players out of fear that they will chargeback and we'll loose all the precious money they donate us. So we will play it stealth and hide behind formalities and words to trick you to believe that actions are taken.

    Please do not hesitate to contact us again if you need some higher dosage of our placebo meds.

    There... i translated it for you.

    Legend of the Kaisinel Temple

  • Neverfelt

    I definitely sense the frustration in your 'translation', and it gave me a chuckle. It's clear that all of us share concerns about the editor and the game's current state.

    While we all have our ways of expressing our feelings, let's remember that our end goal is the same: to improve the game experience for everyone.

    I genuinely hope we can channel this energy into pushing for clarity and positive solutions together. Instead of driving a wedge between players and the Gameforge team, let's try to bridge that gap. Your passion is evident, and I believe that together, we can make a difference.

    It's crucial for us to remember the importance of receiving feedback directly from Gameforge. Their perspective and insights can offer clarity, direction, and solutions in this matter. I genuinely hope they'll join this conversation soon, shedding light on our shared concerns and questions.

    Keep voicing your concerns, and let's keep the conversation constructive and focused on the bigger picture.

    • That's how it is for all of GF managed games, not just aion - so the change would like had to affect entire GF support.
    • By changing how support handle tickets, they would have more responsibilities to do (as they can't just straight up copy paste answers like they do now) and they would be less time-efficient (as in they would handle less ticket per day on average)
    • Players that are affected by it are rather marginal group - while
      not backed up by any actual data, I really doubt more than 1% of players (GF wide) ever reported anyone.

    It's just not worth it for them

  • AionRetailFanGirl99

    Your points about the support team's approach to efficiency resonate, but I think the core issue here isn't just about individual support ticket responses. It's about the broader communication and feedback we receive (or lack thereof) from the game management team.

    While the number of players who report might be relatively small, as you've speculated, I think it's worth noting that these players are often the most engaged and dedicated members of the community. They're the ones who care enough to take the time and make an effort to report issues, and their feedback can be invaluable in improving the gaming experience for everyone.

  • Unbelievable

    It's great that you haven't personally encountered many bots in Gelkmaros, and I hope that continues to be the case. However, many of us have observed their influence, and it's crucial for the health of the game that we address this issue comprehensively, regardless of the zone or level range.

    When bots consistently farm instances and amass significant quantities of kinah, they essentially introduce an oversupply of kinah in the system. When this happens, the value of kinah decreases relative to items, leading to inflation. Prices of items rise because there's more kinah in circulation relative to the goods available.

    Furthermore, to counteract the adverse effects of bots farming instances at a large scale, the game developers have had to take measures like lowering the droprates. This hurts genuine players the most. Where they once had a fair shot at getting valuable items, they now face reduced chances due to the activity of bots. This move, while understandable from a game balance perspective, inadvertently punishes the real, committed player base.

    In addition to disrupting the in-game economy, the act of cheaters both buying and selling kinah farmed by bots for real-world money undermines the genuine efforts and investments of real players. This not only skews the in-game economic balance but also impacts the sense of achievement and fairness in the game.

    When bots dictate the pace and balance, the essence of fair play and genuine competition is lost, potentially discouraging dedicated players from continuing their journey in the game.

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