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    Happy Birthday: Celebrate AION’s 14th Birthday With Us

    In honour of AION’s 14th anniversary, we’re celebrating the Dreamscape Festival – join us and grab some amazing loot! This includes amazing rewards such as the 14th Anniversary Daevanion Coupon, [Event] 14th Anniversary Transformation Box, [Event] Lord’s Sacred Water and loads more.

    Running: 13th September to 11th October

    Your Entry to the Dreamscape Festival

    Enjoy the festivities, have a friendly chat with the heroes of the opposing faction, receive loads of XP, fight your way through a solo instance and get rewarded – and this is how it works:

    Once you’ve reached level 76 or higher, enter the Dreamscape using the ‘Big Wheel’ in the Gelkmaros Fortress or Inggison Illusion Fortress. No, you’re not dreaming! In the Dreamscape, you automatically gain 750,000 XP – per minute, and even more with the right items. You can even chat to players from the opposing faction here, as well as find the entrance to the ‘Trillonerk’s Secret Gold Vault’ solo instance.

    Daeva Day

    During the event period, you can pick up the attendance list, which every player from level 10 receives through logging in on a daily basis. This grants rewards such as the [14th Anniversary] Daevas Coin, 14th Anniversary Daevanion Coupon and the [Event] 14th Anniversary Transformation Contract, amongst others. The items can only be received once per account. The daily login counter is reset every day at 9 AM.

    Trillonerk’s Secret Gold Vault

    All players level 80 and above can enter the solo instance for free once per day. Each week, you can purchase 4 additional entries at the Ticket Shop. One ticket costs about 15,000,000 Kinah, depending on tax.

    Upon entering the instance, you transform into the Black Ranger and receive a set of special skills. Use these gifts to get rid of the monsters within the given time. Your rank will then be calculated based on the points you have achieved. The better your rank, the better your rewards:

    Rank S receives 6x Imperial Chest Key, Rank A 4x Imperial Chest Key, Rank B 3x Imperial Chest Key, Rank C 2x Imperial Chest Key, and Ranks D to F go empty-handed.

    Keep an eye out for bosses, as they will grant you huge amounts of XP! Once you’ve been victorious, open Trillonerk’s Safe and the chests contained within and reward yourself with Daevas Coins.

    Exchanging the Coins

    Visit Hustlerinerk to exchange the coins you gathered for items such as the [Event] 14th Anniversary Transformation Box, [Event] Emotion Card Selection Box and the [Event] Partner Summoning Scroll.

    Festa’s Power

    In celebration of the 14th anniversary, the generous NPC Festa will appear in the Guardian Garrison and Archon Garrison in Aphsaranta. For a small donation of 1 Kinah, she’ll give you an anniversary buff with the following attributes:

    • +3,000 HP
    • +2% Attack Speed
    • +2% Casting Speed
    • +2% Movement Speed
    • +100 Magic Attack
    • +100 Physical Attack
    • +200 Crit Strike
    • +200 Crit Spell


    The items [14th Anniversary] Daevas Coin, 14th Anniversary Daevanion Coupon, and [14th Anniversary] Ticket: Trillonerk’s Secret Gold Vault will be removed from the game after the event is over.