Asmo Side is Crowded

  • And you think gameforge cares about classic?

    No. Tried to make a campaign quest yesterday with a twink where you have to kill one mob and 3 or 4 groups of bots (like around 15-20 bots) camped the campaign mob, so no, Gameforge definitely doesn´t care about Classic. But they for sure care even less about Live, imo they only care about their cash shops.

  • i stopped worrying what the developer cares about anything as some bugs have been in the game for 14 years and never were solved (that SLA is definitely over the top)

    also the bots have been here since forever and they didn't manage to stop it, neither NC nor GF - but in the good old times you had GMs actively killing one bot after the other (I was there in Morheim and watched :D)

    regarding publisher, we still have "our" game - several other games were terminated, Tera, WildStar, SOLO.... idk whats better

    and regarding certain legions/push money into the game for I don't know what reason or playing not legit - I recall a Spatalos divine siege where like the whole asmodian league disconnected - as players you had your suspicions, about this legion starting with RU and ending with FIA

    not sure if it's true, but rumours had it NC actually paid off some Ely legions to switch to Perento I think (Spatalos and Telemachus being heavily Elyos dominated)

    Sinnerfassend lesen... schwierig, ne?