Kysis / Krotan / Miren - Loottable - Seriously?

  • After the first successful Upper Abyssraid in 2.0, i gotta say i'm a bit confused.

    We've done the Krotan, Kysis, Miren Instance .... is it intended that the loottable is rigged Celes ?!

    The instances were added for current patch and content, why do they still drop like the lvl 50 version of it?

    We've dropped Hot Balaur Heart (lvl50), hot balaur bloodstain (lvl40), Balaur Bluescale (lvl 50), dagger of the reaper (lvl 40) and a few other cash items and stigmas between lvl 40 and 47.
    It's kinda hilarious to farm lvl 53+ Balaur with that loottable.

    The chests at the end with ap items still drop lvl 50 blue flame resistance armor and GOLD AND SILVER MEDALS!?!?!? Seriously?!
    We need Azure Gold Medals in this patch, not Medals for old gear.

    The new lvl 55 Balaur Material Droprate is already extremely low and the sources are limited.

    Now theres a new possible source with lvl 50+ balaur and they're not even able to drop new stuff, that's hilarious.

    Not to mention that Stormwing has lvl 50 gold (elder stuff) in it's loottable, which i think shouldn't be the case either.
    The loottable should include pacification items.

    What am i missing here? I know for sure that the loottable on retail wasn't that scuffed in 2.0.... :dash:

  • It was the same in NA all through 2.x (KKM is gone in the current patch, they removed the instances), doubt they'll change it for EU.