Aspharanta teleport scroll quest doesn't update

  • For the 4th now my Aspharanta weekly daeva pass quest doesnt update the total of complete quests.

    It shows as comp0leted (3/3) and shows a red dot as a new completed quest, but after closing and reopening window quest doesn't move to the bottom with the rest of completed quests and counter stays at 7/9 for ever. Relogging doesn't help. I had this problem on many different characters in last couple of months. Before that i crafted my own scrolls.

    Is it maybe related to using a combination of crafted and shop scrolls?

  • Last one has to be used from Union Server (So maps like Aphsaranta, Katalam, Dumaha, Lakrum etc.). If you use it from Inggi/Gelk/etc. the Quest gets bricked for the week