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    In the Eye of the Storm

    Update 2.0 – Storm in Balaurea is now live in AION Classic! The storm brewing over Atreia has brought a deluge of changes, including brand-new PvE and PvP instances, expanded the explorable regions, pushed the level cap to 55, and loads more!

    New Level Cap 55

    Now your character can reach new heights as you level them to the new level cap of 55! As part of this, you can take advantage of improved skill books, Stigmas and Greater Stigmas, plus more powerful PvE and PvP equipment for the new max level!

    Higher Levels for Handicrafting & Gathering

    Grab your tools and get to work! Master new levels and materials in essencetapping, and get to grips with the new extraction tool. (Please note that Magical Vortex, Malevite Miasma and Weathered Objects can only be gathered with the new extraction tool.) If you really put your back into it, you can reach the new rank of Master in handicrafting (up to level 549). This rank can only be reached in one of the handicrafting professions, however.

    New Zone: Balaurea

    The explorable lands of Atreia have expanded, as Balaurea becomes open to conquest! Both Elyos and Asmodians reside there, with the Elyos living in the region of Inggison, while the Asmodians hold Gelkmaros. Each of these two areas has two fortresses and four artefacts. The faction which conquers a fortress gains access to Silentera Canyon, home to the new instance Beshmundir Temple.

    In Balaurea you’ll face monsters of level 51 or higher, perfect for progressing to the new level cap! You can also find regular, campaign and repeatable quests here to speed you on your way.

    Balaurea is also home to *two new world bosses: Omega in Inggison and Ragnarok in Gelkmaros. Rally together your strongest allies and take down these powerful foes in concert!

    New PvE Instances

    Whether going it solo or in a party, face off against powerful enemies and plunder some epic loot in these challenging instances!

    Beshmundir Temple

    Grab your best weapon, make space in your inventory, and head into this temple packed with bosses!

    • The entrance can be found in Silentera Canyon
    • The entrance is shared by Elyos and Asmodians
    • Up to 6 players can enter the instance together
    • Can be entered 7 times per week

    Udas Temple

    This mysterious temple contains not one but two different instances for you to conquer. Different passageways lead into the temple’s interior, where a range of bosses lie in wait!

    • The instance is split into Lower Udas Temple and Udas Temple
    • Up to 6 players can enter both instances together
    • Udas Temple can be entered 7 times per week
    • Lower Udas Temple can be entered 7 times per week
    • You can also activate additional set bonuses by looting equipment items from both instances


    This instance is home to Tiamat’s largest Drana farm, where experiments are being carried out to strengthen the Balaur troops.

    • The entrance can be found at the Inggison Outpost or Gelkmaros Defence Base
    • Up to 6 players can enter the instance together
    • Can be entered once per week
    • Ancient Relics, Azure Gold Medals and fabled equipment can be looted by victorious heroes in this instance

    Taloc’s Hollow

    Enter Taloc’s Hollow and explore the meandering paths which snake their way through this instance. The route you take is entirely up to you!

    • Instance for solo players (from level 51)
    • Can be entered 7 times per week
    • Entrance in Taloc’s Forest for Elyos, in Krug Basin for Asmodians
    • Requisite quest series must be completed before first entry
    • Defeat special bosses in this instance to receive powerful skill orbs

    Upper Abyss Chambers

    The Krotan Chamber, Miren Chamber and Kysis Chamber are in the fortresses of the Upper Abyss, ripe for conquest by you and your party of heroes!

    • Three instances for 2 to 6 players (level 51-55)
    • Can be entered once per day
    • Special item required for entry
    • The instances comprise four rooms, each controlled by a gatekeeper. Defeat each of the gatekeepers in turn to gain entry to the next room!
    • Keep an eye on the clock – the faster you progress through these instances, the better your rewards!

    New PvP Instances

    You’ll need bravery and cunning to leave these new battlefields victorious!

    Chantra Dredgion

    The Chantra Dredgion sweeps ominously through the heavens above Balaurea. Eliminate the threat and wipe out the aircraft’s crew, as well as the members of the opposing faction who you meet on board.

    • 6v6 battlefield (level 51-55)
    • Can be entered once per day
    • Battlefield is open at set times
    • Grants both participating teams Abyss points in reward (winners earn more)

    Tiarkh Testing Lab

    What vile experiments are being conducted here? Shed light on this dark mystery and collect points in the secret laboratory for killing members of the enemy faction, culling terrifying monsters and capturing or destroying test subjects!

    • 6v6 battlefield (level 51-55)
    • Can be entered once per day
    • Battlefield is open at a set time
    • Grants both participating teams Abyss points in reward (winners earn more)

    Patch Notes

    Check out the patch notes to see all changes and details at a glance.