Event Pass: Welcome to Balaurea

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    Explore update 2.0 with the brand-new Event Pass, completing exciting missions in Balaurea and unlocking masterful rewards!

    • Complete Missions: 16th August (9 AM) to 18th September (8:59 AM CEST)
    • Collect Rewards: 16th August (9 AM) to 20th September (8:59 AM CEST)
    • Exchange Coins: 16th August (9 AM) to 27th September (8:59 AM CEST)

    The Event Pass offers a variety of different missions in daily, weekly and seasonal flavours. Complete these to be rewarded with items such as [Event] Balaurea’s Coins and Greater Ancient Crowns.

    Spend 870 Quna and you can also unlock premium rewards and receive even more [Event] Balaurea’s Coins.

    Exchange Balaurea’s Coins

    The coins you receive for completing the various missions can be exchanged for a range of different items from the Shugo Greetinerk. Greetinerk can be found on Elyos Square in Sanctum or Pandaemonium Plaza in Pandaemonium.

    He offers the following items amongst others:

    • [Event] Daeva Ranger Emotion Card Selection Box
    • [Event] Daeva Ranger Costume
    • [Event] Balaurea’s Enchantment Stone Chest



    This list shows all the missions which are available:

    Daily Missions (reset daily at 9 AM)

    • Welcome, Daeva!
    • Enter instances 1x

    Weekly Missions (reset Wednesdays at 9 AM)

    • Enter 5x Instances
    • Use 200x potion, food or drink
    • Use 5 candies
    • Use rift 1x
    • Open a pet’s gift pack 1x

    Seasonal Missions (can only be completed once)

    • Receive 30,000 AP
    • Defeat 50 Asmodians/Elyos
    • Enter Beshmundir Temple 5x
    • Kill 100 monsters in Inggison and Gelkmaros
    • Enter Chantra Dredgion 5x
    • Kill 30 monsters in the Silentera Canyon


    Please pay attention to the following to make sure you make the most of your Event Pass adventures:

    • Check the item properties before unlocking standard or premium rewards.
    • Quna spent on unlocking the premium rewards or in progressing in the Event Pass cannot be refunded.
    • Rewards which were not unlocked by reaching the requisite level in the Event Pass for this season cannot be received after the end of the season.
    • Rewards which remain uncollected after being unlocked for reaching certain Event Pass levels will be sent via in-game message at the end of the season.
    • The [Event] Balaurea’s Coins will be removed from the game at the end of the event (27th September 2023, 8:59 AM CEST).

    Join the fun and look forward to a season full of challenges and amazing rewards in the Event Pass!