Daeva Pass: New Season Start!

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    The next Daeva Pass season is here! Get ready for exciting adventures and amazing rewards to earn!

    • Complete Missions: 16th August (9 AM) to 11th September (8:59 AM CEST)
    • Collect Rewards: 16th August (9 AM) to 13th September (4:59 AM CEST)

    The Daeva Pass offers a variety of different missions in daily, weekly and seasonal flavours. Complete these missions to be rewarded with valuable rewards such as [Event] Dye: Rich Purple and [Event] Dumpling of Soaring.

    Spend 1,320 Quna and you can unlock the premium rewards, among which you can find such treasures as the [Event] Shugo Lad Egg (30 days) and [Event] [Motion Card] Meditate.


    This table shows all the missions which are available this season:

    Type Mission
    Daily Missions (Reset at 9 AM) Defeat 10 monsters in Atreia
    Receive 1000 AP
    Use food, potions, or drinks 15x
    Buy 1 item from the merchant
    Complete 1 quest
    Weekly Missions (Reset Wednesdays at 9 AM) Register 10 items with the Trade Broker
    Open a pet’s gift pack 5x
    Defeat 10 members of the enemy faction
    Use scrolls 30x
    Use Kisk 1x
    Extract equipment 5x
    Enter Dredgion 3x
    Enter instances 10x
    Seasonal Missions (one-time, no reset) Buy 1 item with AP
    Receive 150,000 AP
    Use substance transformation 5x
    Receive 20 medals
    Kill 30 monsters in Reshanta
    Defeat 50 Asmodians/Elyos (rank 5 or higher)
    Defeat Tahabata in Dark Poeta (rank S) 1x
    Enter the Arena of Discipline 10x
    Enter the Arena of Chaos 10x
    Use the Rift 5x


    Please pay attention to the following to make sure you make the most of your Daeva Pass adventures:

    • Check the item properties before unlocking standard or premium rewards.
    • Quna spent on unlocking the premium rewards or in progressing in the Daeva Pass cannot be refunded.
    • Rewards which were not unlocked by reaching the requisite level in the Daeva Pass for this season cannot be received after the end of the season.
    • Rewards which remain uncollected after being unlocked for reaching certain Daeva Pass levels will be sent via in-game message at the end of the season.
    • If you unlock the premium rewards, you’ll start the next Daeva Pass season at level 8.

    Join the fun and look forward to a season full of challenges and amazing rewards in the Daeva Pass!