Anti-fall system is soooo stupid

  • Your enemy falls down a cliff, you think "that's it, i did it, i won". Second later he pops up on the edge of said cliff and just destroys you - after all you were sure it's done.

    You see a nice place to glide to - jump, glide, and just at the right time you close your wings to gently drop off on that beatiful tree branch... Then game decides that you should be teleported 3 meters back. Say hello to the beautiful ground. 100 meters down.

    Then, fed up with all this bs, you decide to end things. You go to the edge of primum/teminon platform and just jump.

    And fall. And fall... and fall... this takes a long time, believe me. You fall... Wow you never knew abyss is so deep!

    Please, can we get rid of this stupid anti-fall system? I'm pretty sure that 99,9% of players that die due to rapid unscheduled meeting with the ground do it on purpose. And the 0,1% will die anyway, because they apparently don't know how to use their controls.

  • Not an anti fall system, your location just isn't very precise due to aions programming, in the eyes of the server you got stuck on that corner so it pulls you back

  • Yesterday in abyss through the fight i fall through the graphic... In the middle of it suddenly stopps and the mob i faught come to me too. God sake i ein and I could leave the graphic through flying...

  • the game is just buggy ... I got stuck so many times already that I cant even count it. I also had this fall bug pretty often where you teleport back all of a sudden or the enemy falls down the cliff (in one arena) and suddenly he is back on top.