Siege leadership

  • Asmo on server Tahabata suck.

    Most sieges are led by players who dont have inteligency, qualities or experience to lead. It is because one legion - i will not name - is recruiting 10 alliances more than 60 minutes before each siege (literal spam - LFG is filled with it)

    After months of failures and bad leadership , half of asmodian is not even following them anyway. They skip sieges or go rather solo. Those so called "leaders" are now not respected, not followed by most, but yet they totally spam out whole LFG channel 60-90 min before each siege time

    And while leveling my alt in Fire Temple i met alts of those so called "leaders" they were acting like kids, blaming and flaming our party leader (not me) for bad pulls and for everything. Then said something like "You cant lead even FT group, pass me leader" and then "tonight i will show you how i lead siege, you cant even lead FT group"

    Yet he is capable of capturing lower abyss sieges only, but he is pretending to be Connor McGregor in FT

    Just putting it here as feedback so everyone knows. If you wanna play aion because of sieges, dont go taha asmo.

  • Because I have some self-reflection, so i know what i am capable of

    1, I have not much time to play Aion

    2. Dont think I would be a good leader

    Better question is: Why are these people leading??

  • Good afternoon. I have been playing on the server since the start, during this time I have learned a lot of things related to the asmo side. The only thing that remains a mystery to me is how such a rabble got so many tahabata weapons, because the quality of the players tends to a very low indicator - people don’t even know their character’s skills or simply don’t use them ...

    With sieges, the same problem, my experience of the game dates back to 2009, I saw different things, I thought everything, but that was before tahabata. In 3+ months, I have been to many sieges of the top of the abyss, sorry not all of them. And I saw only one timely and correct use of the artifact, on the protection of the asterium, which made it possible to save the fortress. At the siege of the eye, I have never seen them used at all ... Asmodians not only don’t know when to use them, but it seems that they don’t know that it can be done ...

    The Elyos, on the other hand, skillfully practice the use at critical and not only moments, while having a numerical superiority in most cases.

    Ask why I am criticizing and not trying to occupy a niche... - Alas, my spoken English is not as good as I would like. Therefore, we go to the siege in a group of 2-3 people.

    The crowning moment of my disappointment in the asmo side was the moment when I saw the condemnation in the world about the price of the elder staff and the bakarma spear, especially when some representatives very seriously compared the characteristics with 45 gold and said - "What idiot would buy such a weapon, because its characteristics are such bad ......"

  • Problem is, we are not enough Asmodian compare to Elyos, that's just a fact.

    Let's not mention artefact and stuff. Elyos are capable to down a dux from 100 to 10% while Asmo can only do from 100 to 50....

    No Matter what we try, the server is not balance in terms of player (54% Elyos for 46% Asmo)

    Maybe the difference it's "nothing" but the fact that "bad" (I'll not talk about this leadership cause I would clearly not want this spot) leadership (mentioned by others) doesn't wanna make Asmos wanna do RvR.

    The more we lose, the more tired people become (it's just logical) and they'll be like "why bother myself to go, we'll lose again"

    Unfortunately this mentality doesn't help the asmo side.

    Let's just hope we'll be able to do something in 2.0.....