• so, I will start, my thoughts about event

    since you need 300k for map, and you have 3 daily quests (you can do 2 of them practically) so you can get 3 or 4 maps, so its like 900k-1,2kk for shugo

    and rewards are a bit low value compared, yeah i know, its gamble, enchantment stones are worth it, if you get 3 golds or attack from bundle its nice to

    but I think, personally, its kinda kinah sink

    what do you think

  • Yup sits a kinah sink, and the costumes are already buyable from shop so it's not like we get any unique skins that nobody has. And you need 10 of the lowest maps to get 1 costume if I understood correctly

  • Regarding the event. There are some mistakes.

    The text in event description on website says: "The [Event] Mini Treasure Map can be purchased from NPC merchants for Kinah.", but this seems to be wrong. You can sell it, not buy it.

    Also, the description you get on Mini Treasure Map on Elyos side is telling you to talk to NPC in pandaemonium. (In case you didn't know, it's not possible).

    Both Elyos and Asmodian "Mini Treasure Map" ([item: 182006782] and [item: 182006783]) state: "or take it to Gogohwas to exchange".

    Elyos archaeologist is "Gogoas" not "Gogohwas".


    As for feedback. In my opinion "unknown" map parts, should sell for 50,000 at NPC. So you can get some money if you decide not to pay the overpriced 300.000 kinah to gamble. That means only 100k per DP S run (which costs 5 scales + 175k to enter), or 100k from killing 7 asmo/ely. Might promote PvP a little more.

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