Tac NCO's Bow

  • Hello everyone, I would like to discuss the Tac NCO's Bow in the upcoming patch. It looks really good and costs almost nothing (only 2000 Crucible insignias). Please let me know if I made any mistakes.

    I believe all rangers who don't have the tahabata bow should use this bow. Let's make a simple comparison with the Bakarma Bow:

    NCO Tac Bow: https://aioncodex.com/5x/item/101700903/?sl=1

    Bakarma Bow: https://aioncodex.com/en/item/101700656/?sl=1

    If you use Tac Nco bow instead of bakarma you'll gain:

    Accuracy: + 106

    Magic Acc: + 45

    HP: + 11

    Bow Attack: 297 (average) vs. 259.5 (average)

    So for PvE, the Tac NCO's Bow is an excellent choice for DPS until you can get an eternal bow. Even compared with Tahabata it looks great in PvE:

    Accuracy: -100

    Magic Acc: +20

    HP: -16

    Crit.Strike: -78

    Attack: 297 (+30) vs. 277 (+36). A ranger with bestial fury would have: 297 (+178.5) [tac] vs. 277 (+174.5) [tahabata]

    You would lose 100 accuracy, but if you have all DP accessories, I think you would still have a good amount of accuracy (2100+) and it wouldn't be a problem for PvE. As for crit strike, you can use scrolls/food to easily reach the crit cap (if the 78 crit strike loss make you be below the cap).

    Did I make a mistake, or does the Tac NCO's Bow look really good?

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