Simple Solution to Bots that rewards active players

  • Hello, one trend I've noticed so many complain about are bots. Runescape had a great solution to this. They created an ingame mechanism where if a player has been taking repeated actions for a certain amount of time, an NPC would appear and have the player solve a simple puzzle, the actual player would solve the puzzle and get rewarded with a selection of certain items they could choose from and the bot would get booted out. If a certain account continues to fail the simple puzzles, the account gets banned for at least 30 days. Bots have to be reprogrammed to solve the puzzles so slightly changing the puzzles every now and then keeps the game ahead of the botters and will hinder their ability to farm. This will solve at least 50% of your botting problems.

  • Unfortunately, it shows that it is not their priority, otherwise they would have no more bots at the moment, gameforge's priority has always been to bring in money, not to have clean servers.

    But the suggestion is good, I think it was a good start.