AP costs for Abyss PVP gear, Stigmas, etc.

  • The AP costs for the abyss pvp armor and weaps has always been a joke. It's not reachable in a lifetime.


    Reducing the AP costs of PvP merchants would actually let people have gear and play the game.

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  • the ap costs aren't the problem, we just got nerfed ap acquisition.

    depending on the class you play, you can get your ap gear within a reasonable amount of time.

  • it was reachable during 1.x because of krotan/kysis/miren was daily instances and AP was easier to farm from those

  • it's almost as dumb as saying it's not worth spending ap on lvl 40 gear because there's better.

    Spending AP on lvl 40 is dumb with that low AP income we have, but dumb people will aleays do dumb things, so feel welcome...