More customisable quickbars

  • I would like to request some changes to the quickbars:

    • Make all of them floating, so people may position them wherever they want to
      • Right now the Extra Quickbars are static
    • Allow more layouts on quickbars
      • Right now we have 1x12, 2x6 and 6x2 but no 4x3 or 3x4 and so on
    • Allow different sizes on different quickbars
  • Im a bit curious, but are you aware, that the game is from 2008? Do you think they will keep developing it now?

    Yes, I am aware that the game is old.

    I suggested a wardrobe system five years ago on this board as well as a pet and furniture wide inventory overview. Both got implemented and on both topics I was told that the game is ancient and that NcSoft is never going to develop any of it.

    So yes, I take my chances in providing more suggestions. Whether those get implemented or not is not up to me. It is just to provide ideas.