The game is currently unavailable to you. Please contact Support. - error

  • I am currently having the same issue, a few threads suggest if your using a VPN its a 24 hour ban, however I dont have a VPN but I do use WTFast to increase my ping because I live in US and I cant stay connected during sieges.

  • WTFast is essentially behaving like a VPN, it re-routes your connection and that re-routing can trigger the 24h auto-ban. GF does not actively seek out and ban users of such software according to their past statements, but if the system flags you it's your own fault. Maybe try writing a support ticket, or just sit out the 24h.

  • help me please, how do i fix that!?!?!

    I got the same problem just now. And I also use VPN. What i did was, restarted the Router and my PC and the problem got solved.

  • I have this problem today. I didn't had it before. I do not use any VPN or whatsoever...but it shows me exact the same message. I have restarted my router, reboot my PC. I've even cleaned my mouse!...just in case.. Anyway it doesn't helped...I made a ticket to support. Any ideas what can I do else?