Stuck at ingame login screen

  • Let's just pretend the server doesn't lag and I wasn't able to login at all last Thursday (said smth like unable to connect to authorization server). Now I load up the game and get a freaking login screen!

    Rhetorical question>> I got locked out of the game the whole Thursday and essentially got denied 1/4 of the AP event. Today is another day, I'm getting denied another 1/4th of the AP. How is gameforge planning to reimburse me? While everybody were getting ahead I was stuck at login screens half of the event.

    Oh and another thing. How is it acceptable, that I need to login from a seperate account onto the forum just because it doesnt recognize the google login form? Is that good service?

  • If you encounter a red bar on your GF Client
    -> Please contact Gameforge support

    If you see a login screen asking for an Account name and Password
    -> Please try the following - try starting the game between each step:

    • Start GF Client as Administrator
    • Change the language of your game
    • Start the game from the account list popup
    • Add AION Classic/GF Client to your firewall exceptions
    • Delete bin32 & bin64 folders in the game installation folder and repair the game
    • Reinstall the game
    • Reinstall the GF Client

    Try this


    Having the login screen ingame

    If you have the login screen in the game, like it used to be years ago. It usually works to change the language in the launcher, start the game and after change the language back.

    Some players, including myself, have had the same problem as you since Thursday. The IP address is possibly blocked.

    GF has probably misconfigured their DDoS system.

    In my case, both Retail and Classic are affected.

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