Veteran Rewards

  • When are we getting back our access to our Veteran Rewards ?

    Its taking you too long to restore things we have earned over a long time spending cash to get to max level !

    I don´t know others but there are usesful items in my rewards, lunas, enchantment stones and lots of rewards from events. Its now how long since you implemented the new client ??


    Please not lots of bla bla and excuses, act and do YOUR JOB !

  • Veteran Rewards should be resettet in a month on 1. july as usual, but I bet all my money that we don´t get them back on 1. july or later. This will be one of things Gameforge takes away, blames technical issues and never gives those things back because they don´t earn money with it. Wouldn´t be the first time..........

  • Quote

    We’ll also be removing Veteran Rewards and Elite Levels from the Live version. The ‘Manage bonuses’ section (via the AION Shop in the game) won’t be available for some time after the migration. If you need an item from there, please assign it before March 29th, 2023. We will inform you when the section will be accessible again.

    I think it ain't coming back

  • VR won't come back, it was announced by Drestam/Galeas.

    However, if the section ever come back one day, we should be able to assign rewards already available to char already existing. But no new round of VR.

  • As Kayiane pointed out, VR will not come back. However, we are still working on making the Vault accessible again so that you can get the items that you already have in there. Thank you for your patience! We will keep you informed as soon as this is done.

  • I do agree that this should be worked on in a timely manner. Since I wasn't playing Aion that time, I wasn't able to assign any rewards, and it concerns a lot of stuff after all. If the integration into a new client had been done properly, this matter would have been considered beforehand and not only later on.


  • We didn't steal anything, the items are still there. We are working on making them accessible again.

    With reset every 6 months? Like it should be in less than a month on july the first? If not, you stole from us what we had over last years, still so simple.