Roadmap is a Joke!!!

  • Drestam No Front but the Roadmap that u posted is Just a joke!

    Do u really think, that we are playing Till End of this month if the lags and dc‘s are still active ?

    The Main thing what the Gameforge Team have to do is to fix those issues and Not creating a [...] Roadmap!

    There is Not one word about those things.
    We had fun with the Game untill it was unplayable!

    If there is no fix this week, the guys can Stop the Work Cause the Servers will be empty!

    greetz Skynox

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  • As mentioned, we are continuously working on it with our security team and service providers.

    This is our top priority but the rest of the team should continue to work on the future updates and events and not stop focusing on the game. We really do our best to bring back a stable environment :)

  • The Main thing what the Gameforge Team have to do is to fix those issues and Not creating a [...] Roadmap!

    Are you aware that people responsible for the roadmap are not the same ppl as the ones responsible for fixing the server?

  • why so quick on patches? let us enjoy the old patches cmon now, such stupid decisions.


    GF could you at least consider making a poll for this?

    Many people would like to enjoy the current patch (WITH stable servers) for a while and not rush into new patches like NA did (and died).

    The original Aion had a year between these big patches, rushing into 2.0 after only a few months and then even another update a few months later might not be a popular choice.

  • Feel the same. With this roadmap it honestly doesn't make make sense to play the game to begin with. Like what should u do?

    Before I get full DP or Fenris set or PvP Set these will be obsolete after 2.0 update. So going DP makes no sense and doing Dred not so much either looking at 2.5 coming end of the year and all the new PvE and PvP sets.

  • AION Classic roadmap and the fast update schedule

    there is a poll from Mod to my thread ;)

  • This is a contradictory topic, and when you play the classic version for a few months, you will get tired of it. However, for new players, everything happens too quickly and there is no suitable catch up mechanism, and new players will fall far behind others. I love AION, but it has to be said that its mechanism is too old. When we play WOW, we usually play for two years within a version. Patches only provide new gameplay instead of improving levels, and the later equipment is easier to obtain. The new players here are very friendly in WOW. And then AION cannot attract new players and will abandon old players.XD