Get Your Gifts

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    Daevas, listen up! Spurred by the launch of AION Classic, and to celebrate our Roadmap 2023, we want to share our joy with you with a few gifts. Pick up some cool items from the surveys such as the [Event] Greater Sprinting Scroll and [Event] Speedy Polar Bear Transformation Candy Box!

    Running: 31st May (9 AM) to 14th June (8:59 AM CEST)

    Level required: 1 to 50

    The Gifts

    In our rewards list you’ll find all the items for each level.


    During this event, the free rewards you can receive will be awarded via survey. Please note the following:

    • You need to reach specific milestones for your level for the surveys to appear.
    • Each survey can only be accepted once per account.
    • Please choose carefully which character you wish to receive the items with.
    • All items available from surveys can be neither traded nor sold.
    • Items which have been awarded to the wrong character by accident cannot be transferred to other characters or exchanged.