Serious Discussion

  • Something needs to happen in regards to all these server issues. People are getting disconnected while running an instance or Dredgion and there's no compensation. We're all excited to be here and play the game that we all love but damn, what type of protection are you using on these servers? You have to take in consideration that the drops are almost inexistent and the frustration of not being able to play properly combined with the above mentioned issue will make people quit eventually so you guys need to take proper actions, and soon.

  • Just something important to mention. I've had connection issues since day 1, I thought that it came from me, because was only happening on siege before, I woudn't be able to skill and then get disconnected and receive no rewards. But then after a lot of tests at siege on my side, I realized it was a server problem.

    I believe that it's not a new issue, it's just that it became more apparent this friday, so they should fix source of the issue, I believe it's not merely a ddos problem, either that or ddos was happening since day one.