What a disgrace GF - Aion Classic EU

  • What an absolute masterclass display of: incompetence and poor customer experience/mgmt.

    GF, you did, successfully, re-create the OG/Classic feeling of Aion launch, especially when it comes to poor connectivity. Having a newly launched version of your game be downright unplayable for a whole weekend within an initial launch period is beyond believe. The last days were riddled with DCs, Rubberbanding and outages. Not even private servers that DDOS each other on a regular basis have this much downtime as your "live service". I am sure your engagement metrics will look fantastic in your next MBR - it is of your own making.

    I deeply regret having invested as much time and monetary support since launch as I did - you fooled me twice, so this one is on me, I guess.

  • I think you have a misunderstanding of what investment means. :)

    We should not forget that GameForge is a service that focuses on maintenance mode games.

    Those few in the GameForge team surely do whatever they can. Aion classic is a surprisingly bigger project than expected.

    What is one weekend in a year? You can surely spend your time in another way and dont need to ruin your weekend with this anger. :)

    Also a compensation will be surely done.

  • well... in that case "OK then" :)

    *sarcasm off

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  • It's not really "one weekend in a year"

    Firstly, we already had atleast one other weekend with ddos attacks and some other days.

    That aside to put it in perspective: in the 33 days since the AC got released it's been atleast 5 days, meaning it's around 15% of the time when there are the DDOS problems.

    GF proven us that they cannot handle such attacks - neither in the past 10 years, or now, so unsure why would you assume it won't happen in the future