CRASHES / DDoS on Aion Classic Tahabata server

  • Server is crashing since 26. April 2023,

    still crashing today.

    A lot of people experience massive lags, aswell as regular disconnects.

    Aion cannot be played this way.

    We all ask for a recompensation in Siels Energy time and instance entrance scrolls.

    Because we loose time on Siels Energy that we paid for if we cannot play the game because the server keeps crashing.

    Also we loose instance entrys because we get kicked out halfway through Adma or Dred.

    Yesterday, even the login server did not show up, there was just a loading screen but nothing else.

    Gameforge, please fix your servers.

    If you can't deal with DDoS-attacks, use Cloudflare-Servers with DDoS-Protection.

  • Can't play. If I don't get dc, I die cause of the lag. Wasted like 500k kinah. What is happening?