Why we still face ddos attack after a month?

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  • For real it's a pain in the @ss, one month since release and we face almost every day ddos... Most of the people have time to spend only in the weekend while most of the ddos attacks happen. As some people mentioned above we can not do anything with candies, entry scrolls while we are wasting millions and millions of kinahs every damn ddos, some of us that have mostly time on weekend we cannot grind to reach the same level as some others. A lot of groups already ask for top full gear and +10 weapons, how am I gonna do this since I cannot play the game in weekends? How can I farm kinahs in order to progress since I gotta pay 500k - 1kk each day cause of the ddos? How am I gonna get anything since we get disconnected mid instance?

    The scrolls and candies will not resolve the problem since we gonna use them in weekends while we will get AGAIN ddos. So how is this supposed to work?

    We are paying siel energy for 1 month while we are unable to play for almost half this month, in other words we pay the "siel's energy" while half of this money go wasted, and I say wasted because GF doesn't use them for any good like a ddos protection.

    And I'm not even mentioning the Deva pass that a lot of people bough especially the 1st season or the qunas for the level up because some people came kinda late to the game, we all know that so let's not pretend that haven't happen.

    We are all asking for a reply from GF and to take some action and instead the only thing we get is 50% discount on SS and some entry scrolls... I know people who lost over 40kk EXP... Translate this in kinah's, I know people who had to buy the Blue balaur scales and the essence rift to enter DP each time while their run got wasted cause of ddos... Translate this in kinah's for each player of this server.

    I know people who lost almost every day their entry to Dredgion and Roah/Asteria cause of ddos, translate this in AP.

    So again how does some scrolls and a 50% SS discount gonna help us while all of this mentioned above happens almost every day? If anyone can argue with that and have a solid / logic reply I will apologize and step back.

    But until then we all know the problems we face in-game, we all know that every ddos attack means losing millions of kinahs and also we all know that as time passes buy the economy in the server keeps on raising up, some people that can pay day by day they will be able to get top gear, top char and be unstoppable while people playing only on weekends will remain with just a 50lvl fresh character that is struggling and having debts to pay for the SS.

    This is the game we are facing right now and last but not least. Don't get me wrong I do really love classic Aion that's also why am I playing but, i really prefer at this point playing on a private server that might be a little p2w but is not P2P, your progression will not be lost cause in ~3 months the patch will change and most important, even if he gets ddos at least is a private server that is hosted buy 1-2 guys not an entire company that is known years over years and has hella lot of games already published meaning has hella lot of money income and is doing nothing about their protection.

    That's all i had to say, my siel's energy is ending in around 7 days half of it gone wasted, if this thing keeps on going I will not even think about buying again.

    Have a great day.

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