Tahbata Server - Huge spikes, DCs, everyone complaining in global chat.

  • Yo Gameforge,

    your server is shitting itself, please do fix.

    Also, given how often it does happen, you might want to open a forum section with "urgent server issues" and assign a poor FTE to it.

    Thank you.

  • So, basically your server decides to crash during Tahabata boss fight, people organize, invest resources, money (Siel, Battle Pass) and time and this is the service they get?

    This is worse than a private server, I litterally have no words, the issue was reported, nothing was done, server was fine for a while and then this happens.

    This is one of those quit moments where I quit, my friends quit alongside and you lose 10 paying players, then 20 and eventually you get a dead shell of a game.

    Thanks for nothing.

  • It's been 28 hours since I opened this thread and the issue is still present, the server lags, dcs and is outright unplayable.

    Please do get a serious anti ddos protection, not even privates are this affected.

  • This marks three days of disservice (Friday, Saturday & Sunday) as a Network Engineer myself I honestly can't understand what's taking you so long.

    Any proper service provider (Azure, AWS, Cloud Flare) would've intervined in a two hours SLA, my only explanation is that you either have the servers in-house (maybe rented a small space in Aruba) and don't know how to handle a DDoS attack on your own Firewall or got a very cheap service provider (which doesn't know how to handle DDoS attacks).

    Either way it doesn't matter, so far you have two healthy servers, a chance to grow a game that even though is old has a very stable player base (as your servers & hundred of private servers show).

    That this means? It means that you'll keep getting DDoS attacks, your servers take business away from other servers, you need to scale up your infrastructure and get a proper protection service with a very small SLA (which means investing money and resources to then have a pay back).

    If this keeps going no matter what compensation rewards you give, people will leave, once people leave getting them back is extremely hard, then it's a chain reaction, people leave because they see other people (& friends) leaving, servers die, income slows down.

    I know I'm probably better off talking to a wall, since nobody with any decision power will read this, however, you guys have a chance and you're screwing it up spectacularly (keep in mind that no other game service provider has DDoS issues, I only ever saw those in private servers, which speaks volumes about the service you're providing).

  • Well , I think enough is enough . Won't be playing for the next days until this is fixed . I only had weekend days to play and you ruined it . Thanks . Many of our legion mates quit playing for the next few days too because of these lags and disconnects . Better turn it off and turn it on when you've fixed it .