Expert Essencetapping quest

  • Anyone managed to complete the <[Expert] Essencetapping Expert> quest?

    It asks you to talk to Eremetia to be appointed an expert but she is blocked by the Lavrintos call campaign.

  • Ticket to the support to ask for Lavinrintos's Call campaign reset

    Was announced here


    Elyos: Lavirintos' Ruf / Lavirintos's Call / L'appel de Lavirintos
    Amsos: Vidars Ruf / Vidar's Call / Appel de Vidar

    As these are linked to blocked content and will prevent you from completing other quests.

    If you have these quests already active, please open a ticket on support and we will then reset them.

  • Thanks that did solve it.

    Any idea if 399 is max in this patch?

    Didn't get any option to upgrade it after the expert quest.

  • Yes you can upgrade it 'til 449

    I think another npc should have another quest to upgrade it

    That one should be the one you did : [Expert] Expert of Alchemy

    And that's the following quest : [Expert] Alchemy Expert (you need to talk to Fasimedes)

  • Thanks Kay, this is for Essencetapping though getting there on Alchemy too :)

    For essencetapping though I couldn't find any way to upgrade from Journeyman (399) to 400+

  • Han ! Sorry, was doing upping my alchemy at the same time, so I didn't check.

    They told me on my discord that you just need to do this quest : [Expert] Essencetapping Expert then talk to the NPC again

    Couldn't try for now, sorry :/

  • Hehe no worries!

    That's the thing, I did complete that quest after support reset the Lavrintos campaign and got the Essencetapping Expert Mask but am still Journeyman 399.

    And the Essencetapping Master wont do any further upgrade so makes me wonder if maybe 399 is max currently :/

  • I'm not sure, but if you talk to Eremitia, doesn't she upgrade your essencetapping?

    (next step is asking in /3, you'll have more people)

    'cause PN says


    Crafting, essencetapping and aethertapping can progress up to level 449.