Bad Sunday! I can't log In!

  • Today at 15.00 i relog my account because i had 500+ ms! After that it was impossible for me to log back into the game!!!

    Already every day I have to try 10 times to start the client before having a real access but today it's going worse and now when I log in a screen appears asking me for the access data (strange thing, before it was accessed directly from the gameforge launcher) and not recognizes my account and pw data, gives no response and no error, nothing, zero. I contacted support but no response or help. I'm frustrated and really disappointed, I understand it's an old game, but I never expected so many problems and confusion without someone to help me. Once it was free and functional now it is almost paid and practically inaccessible ...... really difficult to get a different idea.

  • Before writing this post I first repaired (no success) then I uninstalled and reinstalled (no success),I contacted support and opened a ticket explaining my condition (no response), I also changed pw and checked that my network is working and without problems (I can play and access many other Official European online games).

  • I just tried logging in and it works, i got access to the game, nobody contacted me but the problem seems to be solved at the moment, i don't know who i have to thank for the help, so i take this opportunity here to thank everyone who has me helped. Thank you!