Aion old One

  • Hii! All im a older player, i came back after 3 years of break, and im starting again from 0. What you reccomend me? Start at the old one or try the Aion classic ?

    Thanks !:thumbup:

  • Aion Live is dead. No reason to start there^^

    Aion Classic, even with it´s flaws, is very populated and a looooooooot better than Aion Live.

    And its not too late to start, we are still in the early phase and most people don´t have OP gear or something like that. The only people who are superior to others are the stay 40s who already have 40 Elite gear(thanks to low level AP instances).

    Against some oppinions you can actually make decent kinah daily. AP gain starts slow but increases with your gear and experience. Like you can do duo ap instances later or know good times for balaur mob farming.

  • Wow! really that many people? then i'll go to Tahabata.
    Thank youu!