Siege freeze to crash, high-end PC.

  • Hello,

    Has anyone had issues with sieges freezing and managed to fix it?


    Game works perfectly anywhere (sanctum, pvp, reshanta, instances), but the moment I get near to the gate of a fort (with tons of people attacking it), the game freezes and screen turns white. Then I close the game and log back in, tons of people waiting in the dux room, game works perfectly with tons of ppl inside. The moment the commander spawns -> freeze. Close game, log in, fly back to fort -> when in range: Freeze.

    Happens on max settings, happens on lowest settings, happens on full screen or windowed, happens when im on discc+YT, happens when literally everything is closed besides Aion.

    Internet connection is very stable gigabit, PC is juiced to the max (rtx 4090 etc), next to germany, drivers/os updated, making sure that my gpu is being used and not some integrated, etc etc.. Repaired, reinstalled, tried other SSD, ...

    I don't mind lag, i understand its an old game and that people DC once in a while, but i get DC'd the moment I get near siege.. EVERY TIME, so that's obv not what majority of people experience.

    Divinelysian - Sebivine

    Eternal Guardians


  • Then you might need to play around with process binding of your CPU in task manager - make sure to disable every odd thread (hyperthreading hurts siege performance), if you are on Intel 12th gen or newer make sure to disable the E-cores, if you're on Ryzen with 2 CCDs make sure that Aion only uses cores on CCD1

    If you have done this as well, then it might just be Aion's old-as-all-hell engine reaching its limits.

  • Turn of animations for all in graphic settings, thats a bit problem for fps, make it solo or group.