Rifts are bugged Check this fast

  • Hello,
    Rifts have a problem. Usually rifts in regions are for service the faction who controls the region . For example
    Rifts in Beluslan is for asmodians and Rifts in Heiron are for Elyos.
    Problem is that Beluslan rifts can be used by elyos and Heiron Rifts can be used by asmodians.
    So if you are elyos who entered in beluslan than he can see the rifts in beluslan and use it for back in Heiron.
    What the problem? Problem is that Beluslan rifts which teleporting asmodians in heiron "some of the hills or any high areas" can be used by elyoses . So elyos can enter same rifts in beluslan which used by asmodians destroy them kisks and ruined the game.
    This is bug its need to be fixed ! This was not worked like this in past 1.9 or any patches

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