"This game is currently unavailable to you"

  • Hello,

    I am a player from Switzerland who was eager to play Aion Classic and had a good experience so far on Atreia server.

    (1) I had to go out of Europe for holidays and wanted to quickly connect to the game to check a couple of things IG. I managed to do it (from the carribean) but suffered some frequent disconnection in game, which prevented me from checking the things I wanted. I had the great idea of thinking this would improve by using a VPN and connecting through an EU exit.

    Immediately after I did, Gameforge launcher indicated that Aion Classic was "currently unavailable to you. Please contact support". I thought that Gameforge may have had blacklisted IPs of this VPN (ProtonVPN) so I decided that it was find struggling a bit with connection and go back on normal access. However, the message was still displayed, as if my account had been completely disabled as a consequence of that connection attempt through a VPN. I tried to repair and uninstall/reinstall the game, to no avail and I am presently unable to access it.

    (2) I tried to log in to the support portal in order to try to find assistance on that problem, but the support page simply does not recognize my credentials either. I am hundred percent sure these are correct (which is evidenced by the fact that I can write on that forum). Worst, after a couple of attempts with the correct credentials, I received a condescending message about to stop trying to guess my password and instead use the reset password function (which I did and does not work either for the support page) and come back in 3 hours.

    At this time, I can neither access the game nor access the support.

    Did anybody have a problem with either (1) or (2) and can offer some insight?

    Is there any way I can contact support other than through the portal that apparently does not work?

    This is honestly a bit of a puzzling experience as I find myself completely unable to contact Gameforge other than through this post.

    Thanks a lot,


  • support use separated account system - you need to create new support account with the email address you used for your aion/gf account (or just add them once you're in)

    Then you will be able to contact support and hopefully get your account unbanned

  • Hey,

    some geniuses DDOS'd the servers, GF did a patch and BL some ranges of IPs, so it is possible your IP is near those IPs (player from Belgium & Switzerland in my legion had the same problem as you)

    for the support: https://aion.support.gameforge.com/

    they will ask you a lot of question, but in the end, they may need to whitelist your IP (they had to do that in my legion)

  • Thanks a lot for both of your answers.

    Indeed, (2) is solved by creating a new support account and I could at least contact them now. Rather counterintuitive but I take it. Waiting on their input and see what can be done.

  • Also, while I greatly appreciate your input, I don't believe this problem could have been related to those of your friends located in Belgium or Switzerland. I am a resident of Switzerland but I was connecting from Barbados. My naked IP was in Barbados and the VPN serv I picked was in Germany and I haven't tried connecting from home yet (still abroad).

    I suspect my account has been flagged as an abuser due to connecting through a blacklisted IP and that I wouldn't be able to access the game from anywhere in the world (regardless of the IP I use, as I tested several ones). Will update for information purposes.

  • Indeed, use of VPNs is forbidden under the TCs and using them cause a temporary block of the account (24 hours). My account is restored and I will know better than to do that in the future.

    Overall, except the two-login thing of the support portal, this has been addressed pretty efficiently. Thanks a lot for the help of the posters and of the support agent.

    See you in game!

  • hey im also from switzerland. yesterday i just logged in in a city of France(near Geneve) and today they banned me with "currently unavailable to you. Please contact support". i want to ask if your problem is solved?

    Thank you

  • I just login into launcher when my VPN (private, not like VPN as service) is on and can't create igame account now but only for Aion classic, lol, and still can create for Aion (main).

    Unreally strange security petterns))

  • Same happen to me when I try to log in this morning 8am it says game is currently unavailable to me, send a ticket and got a reply they said " Unfortunately, we do not have the rights to publish the game in your country. We advise that you play on the server provided for this country." I live in England and been playing aion Game Forge for ages this only happen to me today in Aion Classic and the sad thing is I just recently bought a 3 month buff.

  • I log out of Gameforge Client just now and try to log in it wont let me it says Invalid account data so I click forgot password then they send me a code when I put in the code it says please enter a valid confirmation code, all I get is unavailable and invalid today

  • Even if you get a reply from support it is nonsense.

    I actually had this "the game is currently not available for you" two days ago - on a PC that had zero problems connecting before and nothing changed softwarewise. I play on different machines (all in all there are 4 PCs here) and the three others were fine, only that ONE PC had the game "unavailable". So it is clearly not an internet problem, not an ISP thing, not an account thing - the gameforge launcher may lock you out on THAT MACHINE only, for whatever weird reason their ridiculous "security" stuff decides to flag you. So I sent a ticket and got a reply, actually by the "Head of support" and not some random callcenter guy.

    I sent detailed descriptions of what happened, what the circumstances are, I sent screenshots. What did I get back? A copypasted standard reply pointing me to an error in the installation or an external software issue. Both OBVIOUSLY nonsense considering the details I gave, but there you have it.

    Write a ticket, get nonsense back. Meanwhile by doing searches I found plenty of similar complaints on the net all pointing to the issue (in my case, does not apply to the launcher locking you out for using a VPN) being logging in too many different game accounts with the launcher in a certain timeframe. Which undoubtedly a "Head of support" should know. (PS: I just read in another thread with this title that THEY got told this reason, very weird that I did not get the same response that they did)

    On the next day everything was miraculously fixed, be it my "error in the installation" or my "external software". Go figure.

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  • I log out of Gameforge Client just now and try to log in it wont let me it says Invalid account data so I click forgot password then they send me a code when I put in the code it says please enter a valid confirmation code, all I get is unavailable and invalid today

    its exactly same happened to me. and they replied me that they dont have rights to server the game in the country which i have connected.. And i living in Switzerland.. And they said they cant help me with that issue..

  • I have a problem as I try to enter load everything but then this message appears, and it doesn't let me do anything anymore, and I can't access the game, can someone help me, I attach an image.

    ( aion classic eu error ''could not connect to the shop server 10060'' )828eda992d03736bebb3d05bbfba4a62

    it's a mystery, yesterday everything was ok