I refuse to do a big mistake. Starting on a dying server?

  • So yesterday I found out about this version of Aion. The problem is I cannot create a character on the main server but only on the secondary server which is going to be empty once the Atreia server opens charcater creation.

    When Lost Ark launched in EU/NA many players made a character on a new created region because the main one was full.

    And what happened? A handfull of people are still playing on that region while some moved to the main server and the rest left the game altogheter.

    So yes, I refuse to start a journey on a dying server. Meanwhile I'll keep paying premium to Lost Ark.

    Keeping Atreia closed makes you lose MONEY.

  • Keeping Atreia closed makes you lose MONEY.

    i'm going to be the devil's advocate here. so...

    what about waiting 2 hours at least to play ? won't they lose money 'cause players will be frustrated to not be able to enter the game even if they have a char on this particular server ?

  • Are you waiting two hours right now? There is no waiting queue at this moment on Atreia.

    Lost Ark has a million concurrent players at launch. Right now only 45K players are playing Lost Ark.

    There will never be a waiting queue again on Atreia.

  • as said, i'm only the devil's advocate. i don't really care, only there to give another opinion.

    i think drestam said that if they reopened the character creation on atreia, there will be again a waiting queue.