Everything wrong with Aion EU Classic

  • This is my summary of the things that are basically wrong with Aion EU Classic:

    Problems in this patch are really bad ... to get rid of soul sickness costs a fortune, really low drop rate in OW except white/ green loot, bad loot in solo dungeons like Steel Rake and Nightmare, wrong drop/ loot table on calydons (maybe other monster too), vendor prices are huge af (for example weapon fusion) etc. etc. ... everything to move the playerbase to pay2win.

    Ah ... I forgot the daily fkn vendor cap, which is really low. Also the skill book prices ... I farm calydons for 3 hours a day for a week or two just to be able to buy a few skill books, potions and scrolls and my basic stigmas.

    And yes ... there is a direct way to pay 2 win in this game ... buy shop items, sell them in the Auction House and buy Dungeon Loot, Manastones and enchantment stones directly. Meanwhile the poor plebs (that still pay for a subscription and a battle pass) need to farm monsters with a freaking wrong loot table.

    Seems like most people didnt realize yet that this is a pay 2 win dumpster. I really like Aion, I really like the patch overall ... but this is the dagger that will kill the game (if it stays like that).

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