Question regarding Server Merge and Characters from different factions

  • I have an Elyos on Atreia but also would like to play an Asmo on Tahabata. Before i invest time and money into this character i wonder what happens in case of a server merge. Will Gameforge force me to delete one character and i will potentially lose hundreds of hours and money ive spend for Season Pass, Skins etc. because they are from different factions? Or will they at least give you a faction ticket change or something like that?

  • While I am not Gameforge and can not tell you how they are planning to go on about it, I experienced various merges.

    I highly doubt that there is ever going to be a faction change ticket. Usually they make you delete one race by not letting you login with specific characters, by making you choose once or not letting you create additional characters ever.

    I suggest to create an additional account. While it has disadvantages (mostly money wise due to Gameforges model) it also brings benefits and prevents you such transfer conflicts in the future.