Character Creation on Atreia (Classic)

  • deinstalled aion.

    gameforge is unable to solve the problem. Tahabeta server with gifts that hardly bring anything are not the solution. And i didnt think they solve it in near feature

  • It's just unbearable. My pack and I came back to play Aion because it's a nostalgic game for us. But all my friends are on Atreia , only I was a bit late and ended up on Tahabata. What can I do there alone? It's been for three weeks already. In the end we will leave the game because we want play together. There are plenty of another good projects.
    But I am sure due to this situation will leave a lot of player too.

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  • hello, please open the registration on Atrei. the server has been closed for too long to create new accounts, I can't join my friends. at least for 1 hour, open the registration on this server. and do not try to drive us to Tahabata, what should we do there if our Legion and friends are playing on another server.

  • They should merge both server! Last siege fights on Tahabata were on the asmo side exactly 96 people in the union, 96! Let us take 20-30 randoms and and yet this is not the mass-zerg we all know from Aion.
    Iit is rumored that the elyos also gave us the fortress :thumbdown:

  • Won´t honestly reopening character creation on Atreia kill Tahabata? Already Tahabata population number on myaion is not just "slightly" lower than Atreia (not sure how accurate the numbers are) but 1k for Temp/sin and 2k for other classes. If many players leave now to join main server that won´t be much balance. I wanted to join with gf but she couldn´t make it due bussines trip so we both went to Tahabata and if there won´t be any transfer options its not very cool to end up on the empty server. Not sure to continue buying premium pass + siel under such conditions.

    *Keep dumb comments like "lmao it just takes few days to get it all back looool" for yourselves, some people simply don´t have that much time like we used to and to catch up almost month takes more than just few days.