"It will be worth farming monsters"

  • I find it funny that they try to tackle the Kinah problems with special "events". Honestly, it feels really tone deaf, especially in this case where it's for soul healing (which really shouldn't cost anything if we're honest).

    Listen up, Daeva! The Soul Healers of Atreia, those Aetheric wizards of the highest order, have something very special lined up: The Soul Healers’ fees are about to be discounted by 30% of the original Kinah costs. Offer Period: 11th May (9 AM) to 15th May (8:59 AM CEST)

    Sine they can do this that tells a lot, didn't they say they need help from NC and cant change anything. Turns out they can tamper with some values temporary, so they could make this last weeks with some other "event" for instances - super pve and people would be busy and occupied. How come we are smarter than GF higher ups lmao, goal is keep people buy Siel + (your pass) = mid-term = they stay - you cant approach it with same attitude as you do with Retail of grabbing the money and job done... :S

  • I know, but such many i got only in Kromedes Trial. Yesterday i was Steelrake, such a amount of manastones like Kromede before, i dont got it...

  • Seriously. Do you now think that the game will have a serious career with such a drop? :D

    we will all know when the next month begins and its time to pay gameforge for another month, any speculation here is irrelevant

    they're gonna see the massive amounts of people not renewing for a 2nd month with this joke of a drop/kinah rate. Then suddenly they will start thinking clearly.

    The equation is simple...
    My life costs 100 coin.

    My income is 75 coin.

    I'm looking for something else for better income because I'm going to starve to death.



    Gameforge pay me 3500 EUR but my life cost 3750 EUR. I'm going to xy LTD because he pays the cost of my life. F*****g simple. What were you thinking dear developers?

  • TLDR bottomlines (and please correct me if i am wrong):

    you have two factions, the faction that cares about themselves only, they would tell you, DRAIN AS MUCH AS YOU CAN FROM EVERYONE ELSE THROUGH TRADING.

    you have the other faction which would care about the economics of the server population as a whole, they realize that with proper play there is NOT ENOUGH KINAH TO GO AROUND AND KEEP EVERYONE HAPPY.

    Since in its current state botters are the only people who supply an inflow to the population kinah and since botters are the only ones who actually supply the market with overflow of items we have a diverse broker system.

    the downside is that it prevents gameforge from ever seeing this as a problem, they get money and dont have to deal with it.

    and while botting is a despicable practice that should be removed, they are also the solution to this economic crisis.

    gameforge either cant or wont dedicate a task force to deal with botters and relies on our collective reports to get them out (they might get misinformed in the process sometimes).

    READ BETWEEN THE LINES: nothing is going to change, nothing needs to change, balance is restored (through the black market of botters), make your peace with it or not, its up to you.

    LASTLY, some players would sulk that they feel like they were promised KINAH DROPS IF THEY PAY FOR SIEL ENERGY, they have to make their own soul searching.

    IF YOU'RE READING THIS WHILE BEING NEW HERE,if you level JUST BY CAMPAIGNS and QUESTS and dont care about the exp boost, you wont actually need NEED siel for the first 49 levels, but it could help (WITHOUT DROPPING GREEN AND ABOVE THERE IS NO TRADABLE INCOME WORTH MENTIONING).

  • Bots are no way the solution to this "economic crisis", wont bother to reply to the rest after reading this.
    Everyone knows what would have been the solution, is not creating this problem at all beside many other meaningless nerfs this "Classic" Aion has.

  • if you hate aion classic so much, why wont you play aion retail?

  • if you hate aion classic so much, why wont you play aion retail?

    people don't complain because they hate the game, they do because they want the game to be better.

    And the game getting better is something every player should care about I would say.

  • we can talk here all we want in the end gf wont change shit all they do is slap events on it like a useless bandaid and tell us "they care" if they would they would just make ss affordable permanently or buff the loot tables instead of giving us drop amulets that dont do jack shit cuz 15% of no loot is no loot and the ss heal event was a big fat joke

  • 3 days till most players LOSE THEIR ORIGINALLY BOUGHT SIEL ENERGY.

    in 4 days we will know who stays and who does not. VOTE WITH YOUR WALLETS!

    personally i decided to maintain a sub on both factions to support the devs.